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Attention Providers: Important Notification Below

Beginning February 29, 2024, Availity will serve as the exclusive vendor for WebTPA electronic data interchange transactions.


WebTPA is a third-party administrator with over 30+ years of experience building custom health plans. We’ve built a forward-thinking model that prioritizes true partnership, full transparency, and lower health plan costs—all without sacrificing health plan quality.

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Our extensive experience supporting customized, client-directed strategies has resulted in an understanding of:

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Surprise Billing Protections

New federal regulations provide protections to you as the consumer against balance billing.


Publicly Available, Machine-Readable Files

In-Network Rates and Historical Out-of-Network Allowed Amounts

To meet transparency requirements effective July 1, 2022, WebTPA will assist plan sponsors in making the two machine-readable files available (in-network rates for covered services or item covered by the plan, historical billed charges from out-of-network providers and the allowable amount of such charges considered by the plan).

Important Note

These are very large JavaScript Open Notation (JSON) files (20GB to 70GB) that may take a while to download. If your system has limited capability, they may not be downloadable. Download speeds and time are dependent on your internet speed, browser and computer hardware.

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Important Notice: Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) notices have been issued to many of our members. Click here for a glossary of terms associated with SBCs. For information regarding a specific plan, please contact your HR / Benefits Department. For general information regarding SBC documents, visit