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At WebTPA, our people matter.

Our employees are what make us strong and we're proud to prioritize and celebrate our people.

We're even more proud of the hard work, passion and commitment that our amazing team of employees put in day after day in order to make this achievement happen. This is what makes WebTPA a family.

What our employees are saying on Glassdoor.

This company is overall an amazing place to work. Despite large growth and a global pandemic, they have managed to instill the same culture and care for each employee. Leadership truly believes in growing from within. HR director is great and is passionate about finding the right path for employees to help them succeed. WebTPA offers many different programs that are aimed to grow willing individuals as well. Leadership gives the space and ability to allow individuals to learn and flex within reason. Leadership values and listens to middle managements input and ideas. Leadership is huge on giving credit to the team members.

Our culture is mission critical at WebTPA. We believe in treating our employees as family. We care about them and recognize that what we do is not always easy, but is important work.

- Dwight Mankin, President

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Clued-in Employees

Employees feel informed about important decisions.

Work Life Balance

Employees have the flexibility they need to balance their work and personal life.

Leaders In-The-Know

Employees believe senior managers know what is really happening at WebTPA.

Employee Appreciation

Employees feel genuinely appreciated at WebTPA.

Company Direction

Employees believe WebTPA is going in the right direction.

Trusted Leader

Employees have confidence in the leader of WebTPA.