We are a people-driven company that uses technology - not the other way around.

Job Postings

Contact careers@webtpa.com for a list of positions that are currently open at WebTPA.

Working at WebTPA

The WebTPA culture is built around excellence in service, and we’re always on the lookout for the right people to join our team.

Customers contact us for one reason – to get something accomplished. Whether that’s a business looking for a better healthcare solution, a healthcare professional calling with a process question, or any number of interactions with the individual members we serve, our focus is on providing the smartest, most efficient, most impactful response we can, and continually learning how we can do even better.

Healthcare is a fluid and challenging market that can be extremely confusing for anybody. We hire people who strive to bring clarity to our customers, and who push to improve technology and processes because they understand technology and processes exist to serve people. WebTPA continues to thrive because our people continue to push for better solutions for the people and businesses who trust us to watch out for them and to make a challenging healthcare system work for their good.

We’re constantly looking for people who care. People who serve. People who will be champions for our customers. People who know that healthcare is big business, but it’s a big business built on very specific experiences and acts of caring.

Is that you? Do you have the passion for business, for technology, and for people it takes to provide quality healthcare support in today’s world? If so, we’d love to hear from you.